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Kia Ora,  Welcome     Sunday Mass Times
To Visitors To MaungaturotoSunday 8.30am
ST MARY'S PARISH           Mangawhai
Sunday 8.30am
Sunday 10.30am
Parish Priest: FR QUIRICO CRUZ Ph. 423 8170  
Parish Co-Ordinator: Brian Cave Ph. 423 7307  
PPC Chairperson: Michele Oliver Ph. 431 2226  
Newsletter editor: Email here  

NEWSLETTER for: 12th August 2018 - 19th Sunday in O.T.



    On this Sunday the Church invites us to focus on Jesus who continues to draw us to himself so that we can be nourished and strengthened like Elijah in the desert. The First Reading is a sort of encouragement for us because many of us are in the same boat. So, we can all identify with the prophet and his predicament. Unfortunately, the same Elijah who was courageous enough to face Ahab, suddenly became fearful and discouraged. However, when he thought that all hope was lost, God divinely intervened by feeding and strengthening him for his journey. In our Second Reading, Paul reminds us that. as children of God, each one of us bears the mark of the Holy Spirit. Jesus draws us to Himself every day through the Eucharistic table in order to nourish and strengthen us for our journey.

Fr. Michael Goonan SSP

“A cheerful face and eyes full of joy; these are the signs that we’re following this path of all and nothing, of fullness emptied out.”
Pope Francis Homily April 9, 2018


This Sunday a questionnaire will be distributed to all who are 15 years of age or older. You are asked to fill it in in your own time and return it next Sunday, 19th August, so that your answers can be part of an international survey of the state of religion in our country and in the wider world.

The Assumption of the Bld. Virgin Mary ( 15th August )

This feast day originated in Jerusalem before the fifth century, as “the Falling- Asleep of the Mother of God” ( the Dormition ). It was adopted in Rome in the mid-seveth century and was renamed “the Assumption” in the next century. It celebrates Mary’s passing over, body and soul, from this world into the glory of her risen Son.
There will be two opportunities for Mass celebrating this feast: On Wednesday at Maungaturoto Church at 10.00am; and at Mangawhai at the home of Kath and John Brockliss, 293 King Road, at 10.30am.


Pope Francis has made 'synodality' the way to be a listening church. The church in Australia is undertaking a two-year long 'synodal' exercise to address the present and future of the Church in Australian society. It is of interest to us in New Zealand.
Go to the website: which introduces the concept of 'synodality' and the way that Pope Francis seeks to change the way the leadership in the Church operates.


Revitalise and enrich intimacy, love and romance in your marriage.
Attend the MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER WEEKEND, 5 – 7 October at Mt Richmond Hotel, Mt Wellington. BOOK NOW! Ph. 0800 362686 or Christine & David Sloan 09 372 3581 or email:


  Exploring the Sacred Heart with Sr Ann Gilroy. Saturday 18 August 10am – 3pm at St Columba Centre. Free – BYO lunch. RSVP by 15 August to

Scholarship for Study at Good Shepherd College

Bishop Patrick Dunn is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarship to be known as the Ruth Miller Scholarship for Study at Good Shepherd College. This scholarship will be available for a selected number of people who intend to do one or more Theology papers at Good Shepherd College towards a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2019.
For further information about this scholarship and to receive an application form, please contact Linda McQuade, Vicar for Education email:
The closing date for applications is 15th October 2018.


Headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • Booties display in front of Parliament sends strong pro-life message.
  • Two young priests ordained.
  • Ten NZ Columban priests gather to celebrate the centenary of the Missionary Society of St. Columban
  • Reflecting on WYD 2008 ten years on.
  • Forums tackle ‘elephant’ issues.

Diocesan Job Vacancies

Credit Controller & Administration – Pompallier Centre
This full time role is to provide credit control and administration support to the Revenue Manager for the collection of attendance dues for schools in the Auckland Diocese. Key tasks include: Collection of compulsory school attendance dues; contact with school parents via outbound phone calls; follow up of unpaid accounts and debtor ledger management. Applications close 13 August 2018.

Accounting Assistant – Pompallier Centre
The full time role is to provide accounting support to the Senior Financial Accountant and Finance Team. Key tasks include: Cash receipting; bank reconciliations; accounts payable, debtors ledger processing; general ledger reconciliations. Applications close 17 August '18.


A National Catholic Event for Men, 28-30 September 2018, Kings College, Auckland. Great line up of international speakers, single room accommodation, excellent food, not to be missed. Details available at www.max18nz info or by email or phone Jim Gribble on 027 249 5378

Special Catholic Concert at Bruce Mason Centre

Next Sat. 18 th Aug at 7pm, a concert called “Breakthrough” is being presented at the Bruce Mason Centre, The Promenade, Takapuna, sponsored by the Auckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal in association with the Good Shepherd Prayer Group. Along with special guest, Fr Chris Skinner and other groups, it features the well-known Fusion Youth Band. Tickets are available at

The Social Welfare Anti-Poverty Committee ...

Of the Justice and Peace Commission believes everyone has a part to play in supporting those who are living with the challenges of homelessness, family violence, child poverty, marital stress, sexual harassment and depression. They suggest each parish has a resource page of the helping agencies (not necessarily Catholic) in their parish and wider community with contact numbers and names which would be an essential tool for doing pastoral work in the parish.
The next step is to relay those details to Gretel Toleafoa, Justice and Peace Commission, Pompallier Centre, 30 New Street, Private Bag 47904, Ponsonby Auckland
Contact Veronica Butler – 020 4018 6463


Please consider providing your pledges to the Parish by setting up an automatic bank payment to our BNZ account 02-0100-0120990-020 Thank you.


Sun. Aug. 12 th at 12.30pm. Cost: $12.00 per head. All welcome. No need to book.

PPC Minutes

The latest Parish Pastoral Council minutes can be viewed online at From the front page click on About Us then PPC

Prayer intentions for the week
The treasure of families
The Pope’s prayer intention for August is – the treasure of families.
That any far-reaching decisions of economists & politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.

Prayers for our Sick:

Elmarie Bonfrer, Terry Boreham, Petronella Ter Veer, Matteo Gray, Brett Anderson & family, Maggie Everett, Tony Plunkett, Nell Graham, Therese Graham, Allison Poninghouse, Susan Faulkner, Patricia Valkenberg, John Brljevich, Stephan & Patricia Vercoe, Christine Tayler, Rita McCurran, Marie McSweeney, Rosalie Walsh, Dallas & James Colville, Kiri Walton, Andrea Shepherd, Rashmika and John Geraghty, that they will bear their suffering with courage and that they will be touched by God's healing hand.
(Please contact Marie 423 8907 or 0210544772 to have names added to or removed from the above)

Prayers for the Dead:

For the anniversaries of Phyllis Sanders (14th ), Alma Curtain (15th ) and William Taurua (17th ). May they rest in the peace of Christ.



Two nuns are ordered to paint a room in the convent, and the last instruction of Mother Superior is that they must not get even a drop of paint on their habits.

After conferring about this for a while, the two nuns decide to lock the door of the room, strip off their habits, and paint in the nude.

In the middle of the project comes a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" calls one of the nuns.

"Blind man," replies a voice from outside.

The two nuns look at each other and shrug. Deciding that no harm can come from letting a blind man into the room, they open the door.

Completely unfazed, the man asks, "Where do you want these blinds?"
Rest Stop.

A senior couple pulls up to a rest stop to get something to eat.

Waiter: "How may I help you?"

Elderly Man: "Two hamburgers, please."

Elderly Lady: "What did he say?"

Elderly Man [yelling]: "He asked what we wanted and I told him 'Two hamburgers'!"

Waiter: "So, where are you heading?"

Elderly Man: "To Chicago to see our grandchildren."

Elderly Lady: "What did he say?"

Elderly Man [yelling]: "He asked where we're going. I told him we're going to see the grandkids!"

Waiter: "It sure is a nice day for a drive."

Elderly Man: "Yes, it's been quite pleasant."

Elderly Lady: "What did he say?"

Elderly Man [yelling]: "He said it's good weather!"

Waiter: "Where are you coming from?"

Elderly Man: "We started our trip from Pittsburgh."

Elderly Lady: "What did he say?"

Elderly Man [yelling]: "He asked where we're from and I said Pittsburgh!"

Waiter: "I dated a girl from Pittsburgh once. She wouldn't shut up and couldn't cook if her life depended on it."

Elderly Lady: "What did he say?"

Elderly Man [yelling]: "He says he knows you!"

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